Safaris with Kgato
Itineraries can be custom designed to incorporate any part of Botswana.  Following are itineraries that we have put together and operate throughout the year. The prices quoted are per person sharing.

Kgato Safaris offers 3 different types of safaris to cater to the individual;  

Budget safari means you bring your own bedding, such as pillows and sleeping bag and towel. We will provide you with a mattress. You will be accommodated in small tents which you will set up. You will assist the guide with the cooking of basic meals and washing and cleaning up.

Participation safari involves putting up your own tents, which are small dome tents and setting up of your beds. We provide bedding. Meals are cooked for you by the guide and guests help with the cleaning up.

For the above safaris, laundry is done by the individual and facilities are provided for washing.
Drinks are bought at guests own cost at the beginning of the safari. 

Full service means everything is catered for. Luxury tents are put up and prepared before the guest arrives at the camp. Bedding includes a camping bed with a mattress, pillows, sheets and blankets and towels. You will have en-suite facilities and you will be looked after by a small group of camp staff. Your meals are prepared and cooked for you. Laundry is available except for the washing of underwear and hankies. Drinks are provided for and we will request a list of what you drink when you book your safari.
Due to the nature of the mobile camp and the fact that these safaris will be set up for private groups, day to day activities can remain completely flexible.  All the usual activities are offered:  game viewing by vehicle, boat, mekoro or on foot. Mekoro’s are the traditional form of transport in the Okavango Delta and are wooden dugout canoes made from various local trees. 
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